DIY Tissue Paper Pom Owls

diy tissue pom owls

These TISSUE POM OWLS are almost too cute for words. How perfect for a camping themed party?! Created by Jen of Little Sprout Creations, these cuties are super easy to make with a few simple supplies from the craft store. Make them in a variety of colors for a fun variety! Read through the post for a little HALLOWEEN tip too!


  • 6-8 sheets of (approximately) 20″x 30″ tissue paper (for the owl’s body)
  • 1 additional sheet of tissue paper, same color (for the owl’s head, ears, and wings.)  If your pack comes with 8 sheets, use 7 for the body and 1 for the head.
  • Styrofoam ball, approximately 5″ in diameter.
  • Felt in black, white, and orange.
  • Pink/orange pipe cleaners for legs

Accordion fold 6-8 sheets of tissue paper.  Tie with floral wire.  Snip ends, either as a rounded edge, or pointed edge.  Need help with this?  Check out Martha Stewart’s tips on making perfect poms!

step1 diy owl tissue pomSTEP 2
Fluff your pom, pulling each layer of tissue up, one at a time.

step 2 diy owl tissue pomSTEP 3
You’ll end up with a flat sided, flower-like pom.

step 3 diy tissue owl pomSTEP 4
Squish it together to make it more oblong, and less round.  You’re aiming for an owl-like body shape.

step 4 diy tissue owl pomSTEP 5
Cut your spare piece of tissue so that it will cover the styrofoam ball.  Twist the remaining tissue and glue down with a glue gun.  This is your owl’s head.  Use a glue gun to glue the head to the flat side of the body.  Pull up the top layer of tissue and glue to hide the area between the head and body.

step 5 diy tissue owl pomSTEP 6
Cut wing shapes from tissue paper and glue in place.

step 6 diy tissue owl pomSTEP 7
Cut eyes and beak shapes.  For eyes, cut 2 large white circles and 2 smaller black circles.  For beak, fold piece of orange felt in half and cut into triangle.   Glue eyes together, and glue beak together on the outer edge to help the beak stay together, but appear open.

step 7 diy tissue owl pomSTEP 8
Cut ear shapes and glue to head.

step 9 diy tissue pom owlSTEP 9
Cut pipe cleaners and twist to make legs.  Glue into the base of the body.

step 10 tutorial tissue pom

ALL DONE! How cute are they?!

tissue paper owl diy tutorialIt’s not over yet! With Halloween right around the corner, check out what you can do with white tissue paper?

tissue pom ghost tutorialThanks again to Jen of Little Sprout Creations for sharing this DARLING tutorial with us! I know many of you will love making these for birthday and Halloween parties! Note: Please do not use tutorial for products for sale. Thanks!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those are soooo adorable! I think I’m going to have to make some orange owls and white ghosts for Halloween! So cute!

  2. Jennifertalbert says:

    soo cute!!!!

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