Back To School Teacher Gift Ideas

A few years ago, I put together a simple back to school teacher gift idea, and you guys loved it! It was all things PINK with a cute tag that read “I’m Tickled Pink That You’re My Teacher”.  It was so super simple to put together, and so many of you have shared pictures of your own tickled pink gifts. I love seeing them!

Back to School Teacher Gift Idea

This year, I recreated the gift so I wanted to show you an updated example of this sweet idea along with a new free printable gift tag! Your children’s teachers are going to be so excited. Who doesn’t love lots of happy, pink goodies on the first day of school? Right?

Back to School Teacher Gift Idea

Back to School Teacher Gift

What to include inside? ALL THINGS PINK, of course! I’ve put a little list below, but you can find so many items at Target, the grocery store, wherever!

  • Pink Highlighters, Pens, Pencils
  • Pink Erasers
  • Pink Gum
  • Pink Chapsticks, Lip Glosses
  • Pink Nail Polish
  • Pink Chocolates
  • Pink Candies, Mints
  • Pink Scissors
  • Pink Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

You can place all your pink items in a fun gift bag or basket! I love pulling together a back to school teacher gift that’s really simple, so hopefully this one helps you out!

Back to School Teacher Gift Idea

Tickled Pink Teacher Gift Tag

Just download the “Tickled Pink Gift Tag” (click that link to the right and save to computer). Print it on a card-stock paper, cut, and attach on!

This is such a simple and easy back to school teacher gift idea. I hope it’s inspired you when you’re on the search for the perfect gift for your child’s new teacher.

ALSO, if you want a way to find out your teacher’s favorite items for gifting little things throughout the year, then head over HERE to get a free printable you can give your teacher at the start of the school. I did this last year with Blakely’s teacher, and found it so helpful to refer to throughout the year!

Below is the back to school teacher gift using this idea from a few years ago! Hopefully it gives you even more ideas for fun ways to pull together a tickled pink back to school teacher gift! 
Pink Teacher Gift Idea

I love the phrase “tickled pink” and it’s the perfect phrase for this teacher gift idea. I actually think you could use this same phrasing for bridesmaids gifts, flower girl gifts, neighbors, etc. “I’m tickled pink that you’re my neighbor!” – See? So cute!

I’ve also put a few OTHER ideas below in case you want more back to school teacher gift inspiration!

Teacher Gift Idea

Here are a few other back to school teacher gift ideas in case you don’t want to go the pink route above!

More Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

  • Create a “Teacher Survival Kit” with caffeine (Starbucks card, coffee), chocolates, etc.
  • “We’re Going to Have a “LATTE” fun this year” (Starbucks card)
  • “Mark My Words, It’s Going to be a Great Year” – markers, highlighters, etc.
  • “Looking Forward to a Super SWEET School Year” – chocolates/candy
  • “Have a BRIGHT School Year” – highlighters
  • “Just Popping in to Say Have a Great School Year” – popcorn, movie treats, etc.
  • “Bursting With Joy to Be in Your Class” – Starburst candies
  • “Let’s Stick Together for an Amazing Year” – Post-It Notes
  • “I Couldn’t Have Hand-Picked a Better Teacher” – Hand Sanitizers, Lotions
  • “With You in Charge, This Year is Going to Be Awesome” – USB Phone Charger
  • “I’m So Happy to BEE in Your Class” – Burt’s Bees Products
  • “I’m Going to be One Smart Cookie with You as my Teacher” – Cookies

Hopefully you’ve found the perfect back to school teacher gift idea! Share pictures with me, I can’t wait to see yours!

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  1. Cute! What teacher wouldn’t love all that pink!!

  2. I love this idea! Where could you find a jar like that?

    1. I got mine at Wal-Mart but check Dollar Tree, Target, etc. Or buy a plain one and tie a big pink bow around the top!

  3. Annie Garza says:

    How do you change the wording ? Like from teacher to friend ?

    1. Hi Annie! You’d need to have an editing software like Photoshop to erase out that word and add in your own (like “Friend”)

  4. i just made this for my kids teachers thanks for the idea it came out so cute!

  5. This is a great and cute idea for teachers or any one, I like your site it has allot of great tips, thank you for sharing, I love it.

  6. Chewing gum to a teacher? Not s good idea. I taught for 18 years and gym was an issue!

    1. Jean, the gum doesn’t have to be enjoyed at school. It’s a gift for the teachers, they can take it home and enjoy as they wish. And one wouldn’t have to include pink gum if you didn’t want to, just include other pink school supplies if you feel gum is an issue.

  7. Any ideas for wording for other colors? I’d love to use this ideas for my team of teachers, but I’d like to use other colors, but I’m stuck on phrases.

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