Christmas Nut Wreath (DIY Holiday Wreath)

This festive nut wreath is a gorgeous DIY Christmas wreath that you can make to deck your halls this holiday season! It’s easy to make and looks beautiful all season long.

Christmas Nut Wreaths

I fell in love with all things crafty by watching my Mom growing up. She was always tinkering with the neatest holiday ideas like making Christmas trees out of oyster shells, making gingerbread houses, and making these festive nut wreaths for our front door.

She told me how she remembered making these Nut Wreaths with her mom, my grandmother. “Sweet” as we called her lived out in the country in upstate South Carolina where oak trees were aplenty so finding tons of acorns and various nuts on the ground was an easy job!

Sweet and my mom made dozens of these nut wreaths over the years, some small, some big and my Mom still has several of them, they last for years!

These wreaths are truly stunning and make for the perfect relaxing DIY activity to enjoy over a long weekend. Turn on your favorite holiday movie, grab a drink, and get crafting!

Ways to Display Your Nut Wreath

  • Hang on a window or door. Loop red velvet ribbon (or ribbon of choice) around the wreath and hang.
  • Set on a table or chest and place a large candle in the center. Then add in holly, pine sprigs, etc. This makes a gorgeous table centerpiece.
  • Hang over a fireplace or mirror.
Nut wreath candle holder

I love how this candle holder nut wreath looks for a pretty Christmas centerpiece!

Materials For DIY Nut Wreath

How to Make a Christmas Nut Wreath

Wooden Wreath Form

Start by using a wooden wreath form that has at least 3″ wide surface area. These wreaths do end up quite heavy, so we’ve found that wooden wreath forms will hold up the weight better than foam wreaths.

If you want, you can stain the wreath form (or spray paint it any color). You can also wrap thin ribbon around the edge of it too (as shown in the candle holder photo above).

Shelled Nuts on Wreath

Glue on Shelled Nuts & Natural Elements

There are so many options you can use to make this nut wreath your own! Get creative, grab the kids and head outside to see what you can find! Here are a few ideas….

  • English Walnuts
  • Hickory Nuts
  • Pine Cones (of all sizes)
  • Almonds
  • Acorns
  • Pecans
  • Sweet Gum Balls
  • Magnolia Seed Pods
  • Peach Seeds (Pits)

You can usually find shelled nuts at the grocery store, especially in the fall and holiday season. You can also find them online here!

How Many Nuts Will I Need?

You’ll need at least a couple of pounds for a traditional-sized wreath, but adjust to more or less depending on the size of wreath you’re making!

Making Nut Wreath

Glue on the larger mixed nuts and pine cones, etc first. Then you’ll fill in and layer the nuts until you love the design! Play around and vary the textures, sizes, and shapes.

Christmas Nut Wreath

Finishing the Nut Wreath with Shellac

Why do we shellac the wreaths? Well, many reasons. It protects it from weather, animals, etc. We have wreaths that were made years and years ago!

The shellac also gives the nuts a richness in color and pretty shine. It’s just that extra depth that gives it a polished look! We recommend using shellac in Amber color, though it can be bought in clear too.

Three coats gives it the best protection and shine, but if you want to stop after 1 or 2 coats, that’s fine too.

Handy tip!

While it’s drying between shellac coats, it can stick to paper or your surface that you painted it on. Fix this by resting the wreath on something like several paper cups to “lift” it up so any shellac can drip off and it won’t stick!

Christmas Nut Wreath

Adding Ribbon and Hanging

You can layer your nut wreath on top of a simple greenery wreath which makes it so festive for a Christmas wreath. Just use floral wire to attach them together.

Add on a pretty bow and use extra ribbon to hang your wreath from a secure hanger or nail. They are heavy, so keep that in mind when hanging.

There you have it! It’s a gorgeous Christmas Nut Wreath you can save for years. This will add charm to any space in your home, and it makes a wonderful hand-made gift too!

Christmas Nut Wreath
Christmas Nut Wreath
Nut Wreath
A gorgeous Christmas Nut Wreath made from natural nuts like walnuts, pecans, etc.
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