Holiday Guest Room Makeover

With the holidays approaching, I’ve been working on a holiday guest room makeover that I’m so excited to share with you today!

Guest Room Makeover | Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Color

So as you know, I’ve only been in my house a few months so I’m still working on turning it into a “home”. The guest rooms always end up being the last rooms to get fancied up, am I right?

With holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to give the guest room a makeover and prep it for all the holiday visitors! I’m sharing my before and after guest room makeover pictures today and a few little tips for getting your guest room holiday-ready!

Guest Room Makeover | Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Color

There is nothing worse than getting sick during the holidays, and it always seems to happen during the busy winter traveling season. So while picking out paint for the guest room makeover, I was thrilled to discover Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield® microbicidal paint.

It is the first EPA registered paint that has the power to kill 99.9% of certain bacteria including Staph and E. coli on painted surfaces within two hours of exposure. Plus, how wonderful would this paint be for nurseries, kitchens, and bathrooms?! I share more about the Sea Salt paint color in this newer post.

Thankfully it comes in 550 of the top Sherwin-Williams colors, including my FAVORITE – Sea Salt!

Guest Room Makeover | Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Color
Full Guest Room Bed Makeover, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sea Salt is one of those magical colors that has a hint of green, a hint of blue, a hint of grey, can play nicely with beige, and doesn’t show up as “too colorful” on the walls.

This truly makes it the perfect paint color. I knew I wanted a calm and soothing guest room, which made Sea Salt an easy pick. I highly recommend this color, friends! It looks gorgeous in bedrooms!

Calming Paint Color for guest room makeover, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
Calming Paint Color for guest room makeover, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Check out PART 2 for furniture/bedding updates including sources for everything! This has easily become my favorite bedroom in the house.

My husband has already reminded me several times that our guest room is now quite a bit nicer than our master bedroom. “Yes, honey. I know!” ;) I can’t help it, it just came together so beautifully, and it’s a room I’m very proud of. Maybe the master is the next room on my list for a little sprucing!

Guest Room Makeover for the Holidays! Tips and Ideas!

Holiday Guest Room Tips

In addition to giving your guest room a color makeover, here are a few simple ways you can freshen the room for holiday guests…

  • Create a simple gift basket to welcome your guests. Include items like water bottles, simple sweet treats like macarons or chocolates, a welcome note listing the wifi password, towels, etc. It certainly doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it’s the just the thought of this little extra touch that will welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable. Wrap it with a festive holiday bow and a few sprigs of holly for a finishing touch!
  • Place towel sets on the bed just like you might see at a nice resort. Take note of the things you love about visiting a hotel so you can recreate the luxe feel for your own guests.
  • Change out burned out lightbulbs or batteries in clocks. Give the room a full refresh as we often don’t realize things that need updating in rooms we don’t spend time in ourselves.
  • Provide a few magazines or books on side tables for your guests to enjoy.
  • The holidays can be a chilly time of year so stock the guest closet with a few extra heavy blankets for those winter nights!
  • Include extra coat hangers in the closet for guests to hang clothes since most people don’t bring these when traveling.
Guest Room Makeover for the Holidays! Tips and Ideas!

Truly though, Paint Shield microbicidal  paint can continue to kill 90% of bacteria for up to four years as long as the intergity of the paint film is maintained.

I sure am thankful because it goes on like any other paint, looks beautiful, and has definitely given my guest room the perfect makeover! Paint Shield microbicidal paint was created for healthcare facilities, school settings and athletic facilities, and I am thankful it’s available to the public. Be gone, harmful bacteria!. Plus, I’m totally in love with the Sea Salt color. It’s going to be difficult for me not to want to paint every room in my house this soothing hue! :)

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    1. Thank you, Julie! :)

    1. Where are the curtains from?

  1. Amanda Navarro says:

    I have SW Sea Salt in my kitchen and family room. Love it!

    1. I now want to redo my family room and use Sea Salt. My husband would kill me, haha!

  2. I love Sea Salt–I have it in my master bedroom. Where are the throw pillows from? They would make a great addition to my home!

    1. Frontgate! Posting tomorrow about all the furniture/bedding/etc!

      1. I am looking for the bedding for my sea salt room. Can you share the link of when you talked about furniture and bedding?

  3. Such a beautiful soothing color. How does the color stand up to natural light? Does it look washed out, almost white on the walls? My guest room has a large window on the East wall and is quite bright.

    1. Hi Nancy! No, not washed out. Granted I don’t get a ton of light in this room, but it’s still very much a “color”!

  4. Katie Betten says:

    I am convinced I am going to paint my bedroom this color. What color do you recommend for the master bathroom that joins my master bedroom? I have oak trim throught both.
    BTW, love your guest room. I would like to be a guest in a room like that.

    1. Hi Katie! YAY! So I used the same color in the bathroom as well, it was just easy and I knew it would flow well without having to think about it. I also think white is beautiful because it’s so clean and bright.

  5. Hi Courtney – what size coverlet did you buy for your bed? I always find if I get a queen coverlet for my queen bed, it’s too short on the sides.


    1. So I usually have that problem but with Frontgate, the bedding is appropriately sized. I tried the King first but it hung down way too long on the sides of this Queen bed. So I exchanged for a Queen.

  6. Hi Courtney, I just purchased the same coverlet! It is beautiful. Have you washed it yet? Does it shrink? I read on the Frontage website, in the reviews, that it shrinks a bit.

  7. I just painted my room sea salt and love it! Where did you get your curtains? I would like to get similar ones, I love the color of them too!

    1. I love these too. Would love to know where they are from.

  8. Leslie Daigle says:

    Love the room. Where did you find the bedside table?

    1. Hi Leslie! These are from Wayfair!

  9. what color is the strip on the bedding? gray or beige?

    1. The fretwork striping on the sheets and shams is the same aqua color as the quilt.

  10. Sea Salt is beautiful in bedrooms and baths but I had it painted on the ceiling of our screen porch and it appears to be white

    1. Gay-Lynn, I wonder if it just got so much natural light, that it brightened it so much! What direction is your porch facing?

  11. LOVE how it turned out. I am soon to paint my mater in Sea Salt as well. Do you mind telling what color are your curtains and where you purchased? TIA!!

    1. Hey Jessica! They’re a champagne color, and they’re actually from JC Penneys! Super affordable.

      1. Annette Rouse says:

        Help! I just found your site. I painted my small guest room the seasalt color. I have great difficulty in distinguishing color. I would love to do the color curtains you have, but when going to JC Penny , I can’t find the color champagne. Is Blush the same color? What is a close color to the champagne? I hope you will reply. Thank you and appreciate your site!!

        1. Courtney Whitmore says:

          Annette, it’s been a few years so they might not have this exact drapery panel anymore, but blush is going to be pink. You want to look for a light tan, beige, or even a light taupe. Those will be similar to champagne.

  12. Suzanne Modder says:

    This room is beautiful! Where did the mirror come from?

  13. Ellen Gercke says:

    Hi Courtney, Beautiful guest room. I’m pleasantly surprised that Sea Salt has more of a blue hue. It is typically described and compared with more green. I’m considering sea salt and topsail for a beach condo open floor plan but prefer the blue hue over green. Ant thoughts?

    1. Hi Ellen! It does read more blue to me, in my home. But you’ll want to test it in your beach condo and see if it reads more blue or green based on the sun, lighting, etc. It could be beautiful though, I definitely think it has a calming coastal feel! xo – Courtney

  14. Love the room! Where did the mirror above the bed come from?

  15. Stephanie says:

    This room is beautiful! I looove the curtains! Could you tell me what curtains you used?

    1. They’re from JCPenney and I can’t find the link anymore. I’m not sure if they make them, I am sorry!

  16. Hi! The mirror. I didn’t see anyone ask about it? I actually found it on Amazon. It’s 24″ do you think that is about the right size. There is also a 30″ but I didn’t think it was that big? Thanks Much!

  17. It’s so gorgeous. I am going to do my powder room and 1 of my spare rooms with same kind of bed in Sea Salt.

  18. Annette Aguillard Elliott says:

    Courtney, Hi. I have been looking for a couple of years of a color to paint my guest bedroom. Right now it’s a dull cream color. The SW Sea Salt might work. I have a king, off white iron bed, with a white matalasse coverlet with french country blue shams from Horchow. My bedskirt is a buffalo check in shade of blue/white. I am hoping to use Sea Salt to bring everything together. What do you think??? Annette

  19. Hi I am having a terrible time finding the right color for my bedroom….sea salt on my swatch looks very gray…is it just me?????. Looks wonderful on your walls!!!!

  20. Great information. I am now painting my guest bedroom Sea Salt and was wondering if I should do an accent color on one of the walls (probably behind the bed). This is the wall you see when you go into the bedroom. I will have crystal sconces on that wall and two antique crystal lights with hanging glass prisms on the dresser (opposite wall to the bed). I am trying to get rid of lights on tables etc. and have a less cluttered look, plus want an updated look. The room size is 14′ x 12′ and really only has 3 walls because the closet and doorway take up most of the fourth wall.
    Another question “Is Asian Art in at all now?”

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