An English Pub Birthday Party

english british pub partyenglish british pub partyenglish british pub partyenglish british pub partyenglish british pub partyenglish british pub partyenglish british pub partypub birthday partyNicole of Dough-A-Deer wanted to celebrate her husband’s English heritage and his birthday with an English-themed birthday bash held at a pub! Now, that’s a way to celebrate a birthday! She didn’t miss a beat with every detail connected to Great Britain. From fish & chips to clam chowder and cottage pie, guests enjoyed delicious eats but of course, the real surprise came with 2 royally decorated dessert tables.

DESSERTS: Doughnuts were of course included in the mix as Nicole is the owner of Dough-A-Deer! Along with doughnuts were mini pie pops (I love how they spell out CHEERS!), red velvet cupcakes with adorable British flag toppers, truffle pops, marshmallow skewers, truffles, oatmeal and flag cookies, cotton candy, popcorn, and beer caramels! Holy sweetness, that’s a great party! I also loved the traditional MARS candy bars! I loved trying out the different candies when I studied abroad in London.

Isn’t this the best birthday idea? I love showcasing guy’s birthday parties where you CAN serve little cupcakes and desserts without it being too “cute-sy” or feminine. The sweet tags definitely fit the theme. They are one of my favorite elements (designed by Sweet Talk Designs). Nicole definitely hit the spot with this pub party!

Doughnuts- Dough a deer
Photographer- Heartprint Images
Mini pies/pie pops- Cakewalk Desserts
Red Velvet cupcakes- Kupcakespot
Cupcake toppers- Edible Details
Truffle pops- Ditzie cakes
Marshmallow skewers- The Marshmallow Studio
Sweet Tags – Sweet Talk Designs
Truffles- Vita Dolce Chocolates
Oatmeal cookies and flag cookies- three Hearts Bake shop
Cotton Candy- Dollys cotton candy
Popcorn and boxes- Oh goodie designs
Beer caramels- Alaskan Dermish Desserts

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  2. Yay! Thank you for sharing the party Courtney. I was happy to join sugar forces with my good friend Nicole and the other sweets team. They all did an awesome job. No photos of the beer pint marshmallow pops here though :(

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