Shoes Birthday Party

shoe themed birthday party for little girl

Shoes Birthday Party

Every girl’s dream, a shoe themed birthday party! Little Prue strutted in style for her 2nd birthday party and enjoyed everything from custom cupcakes to Sweet Lydia’s Smores! I served Sweet Lydia’s Smores at a Peacock Engagement Party I hosted last summer, and they were a hit!

As told by the birthday girl’s Mom (Amanda) “Prue has been fascinated by shoes for some time.  She is constantly checking out what shoes people are wearing.  She likes to point her shoes out to everyone too.” And why the pink converse chucks? ” She’s had a pair of pink hightop chucks since she first started walking so I thought that would be the perfect shoe to highlight.”

Enjoying tapas and sweet treats including pumpkin and original smore bites, adults and kids enjoyed themselves alike! Amanda told us, “The biggest hit was for sure the “hot dog cheese“,  which were hot dogs cut in half wrapped with cheese & crescent rolls & baked (some would know them as pigs in a blanket).  We made them because Prue loves hot dogs & always asks for hot dog cheese (not that she’s ever had hot dogs with cheese!)”

shoe themed birthday party

Amanda even made her own favors for the children that attended by attaching cut out labels to small containers of play-doh! Love this idea! She also handled all the cute decorations herself including the “streamer curtains” which is an idea I have taken note of – darling!

And biggest tip that I truly value is amazing photography. Amanda knew she would enjoy the party and have amazing pictures with the help of her good friend Kate Guillette. “I think my biggest advice for children’s parties is to have a friend or family member in charge of capturing images of the party.  You’ll be able to enjoy the actual party, but will still have the great photos that really capture the day.  I’m used to being behind the camera so it’s great to have the moments of Prue & I together.” 100% Agree, Amanda, and these images are darling!

shoe birthday party

Strike a Pose!

Catch ya later….

Photography: Kate Guillette and Mr. Drew Photography

Smore Bites: Sweet Lydia’s
Cupcakes & Converse Cake: The Pink Pinwheel

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  1. Love the write up Courtney! We are so happy you wanted to feature the party! Thanks :)

  2. What a cute party! Very original, one of a kind, and very unique. I love the streamers on the window (an great idea for a backdrop) the colors pop and are so bright and fun. Great job with styling this party!

  3. Too cute! I love this theme and am working on this right now with a client. She picked roughly the same colors too. Sending it to her!

  4. How sweet is she carrying her little pink chucks cake?!!!

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  6. did you do a shoe-themed invitation? I am considering a shoe theme birthday party for my little girl, but I’m struggling with the invitation design … just looking for inspiration!!! help! Any other Shoe Party ideas out there?

  7. marjorie abrea says:

    nice one! very creative mom!

  8. Help me please!!! I want to do a shoe party for my daughter but what kinds of activities did u put together for the kids to play? My daughter is turning 2 also but her friends are all teh same age (about 20 of them!!) I dont know what I can do theme wise about activities that can keep a toddler happy and entertained?!?!?!

    1. i did a shoe themed party for my little girl’s 2nd birthday this past December. I didn’t plan any major activities because i knew the 2-year-old’s wouldn’t stand for much “organization” with their activities. We put up a full length mirror, and set out baskets of SHOES for them to try on. It was a success! They could have played all day long ! They tried on, swapped, and admired! Most of the shoes in the basket were plastic “dress up shoes” of various styles that I had gathered from dollar stores and toy stores. They seemed to like those best! We kept the party short and sweet in our attempts to remain age appropriate… this was the only activity planned and it was just enough. Play, cake/food, presents, play some more, go home. All seemed happy!

  9. Where did u get the invitations?

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