The Happy List

Alphabet Cookies are too cute for kids!

Happy FriYAY, y’all! This week was what will go down in history as The Whitmore Plague of 2015. My entire family is sick, bad sick. We’re slowly on the mend and we’ve kept Kleenex in business this week, so there’s that (who wants to send me one of these?). In other news, I’m so excited about this weekend because (a) The Puppy Bowl (ok Super Bowl, but c’mon the Puppy Bowl is way better) (b) my Mom’s birthday is this Sunday too and (c) Blacklist starts back Sunday. Any other Blacklist watchers? Ok…on to The Happy List for this week.

  • First up are those adorable alphabet cookies pictured above. They are the Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies from Trader Joe’s but look for similar ones at other groceries. How perfect for kiddos on snowed in days?
  • I picked out a few of these BabyLit books for Blakely, the author also happens to be my former book editor for Push-Up Pops!
  • French onion soup makes me happy so these sliders? Yea. Need NOW.
  • Cute free DIY Valentine’s make me happy.
  • This video…I watched it 6 times. Then I watched this one because OMG, hedgehog party.
  • Super Bowl is THIS weekend, y’all! Make this and you will be happy.
  • How delish do these desserts here and here look?
  • This hanging flower wall? Holy amazingness.
  • Skillet cookies make me happy. This one? Real happy, y’all!
  • My fave¬†quote for the week is below! Have a happy weekend!

Estee Lauder Quote

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are too sweet to include me in this! I hope you guys are all feeling better and get soon FAST! Send me your address and a DIY emergency kit will be on its way STAT (it may be a few weeks too late to cure the plague, but then I’ll just fill the box with cupcake stuff instead and call it good). xoxo

    1. We’re turning the corner! Woohoo! You’re too sweet!! xoxo

  2. Um. Blacklist- LOVE! I started it on Netflix and powered through the episodes so I could catch up.
    Feel better, all of you!! xo

    1. Thanks, Melissa! :)

  3. Much rest to you and your family….at least you can get well together and enjoy watching your favorite shows together….and I like your sign….but must say I am a dreamer and do my best to work hard.

    1. Thank you, Myra! I think we’re finally turning the corner on this sickness!

  4. i love this series – totally fun! Ummm those cookies are adorbs – need to get some at TJ’s and the Blacklist? Yeah can NOT wait. One of my faves. Are you watching ‘State of Affairs’ on mondays too? LOVE! ;)

    1. Thanks Laura! I have not seen State of Affairs but maybe I should add it to my must-watch list!! :)

  5. I totally agree with this quote! “Dreams don’t work unless you do” is also a true story.

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