HOORAY! It’s Book Release Day!

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HOORAY! Today’s the day I’ve been working towards for so long for the book! It’s RELEASE DAY! This has been a passion project that has almost spanned two solid years, and all for this moment where the book can get in your hands! Excited is an understatement, I’m on a “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS” mission right now. Do the thing you think you cannot do, but actually do it. I could go on and on, but this book was a dream for me. It was a book I thought I’d never have the opportunity to write, but when my publisher called (I still remember where I was standing) and told me the news, I was FLOORED. So here we are. I have our CBS affiliate coming in 3 days to do a segment on the book (and maybe a peek into the prop room), and I’m about to head out to 5 cities in a row on the book tour… WHAT IS THIS? I still cannot believe it! I also have some more exciting news but it’s under wraps for a little longer!


We shared a shortened version of this video last fall after shooting for the book wrapped up, but Evin and I wanted to share the full version with you! This is a behind-the-scenes look into our book shoots. This ultimately ended up being the shoot that made the cover as well!

Thanks to Sean and Bethany Rogers for the fabulous video, I love looking back on this special day!

If you receive the book and would love to leave a review on Amazon, I would truly appreciate it! You can do so here (at the bottom of the product page).

I hope I’ll see you if you’re coming to a book tour stop and if not, I hope you’ll grab a copy of the book in stores or online! It’s full of my absolute best recipes and never-before-seen tablescapes for year-round entertaining. It’s a book I’m truly oh so proud of, and I can’t wait for you to see it!


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  1. Yay! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!!! Congrats!!!

    1. YAY JTP! I’m so excited THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. victoria breen says:

    That table is simply gorgeous!!!!! Can’t wait to buy your book! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, Victoria! I appreciate the sweet note! Xo- Courtney

  3. Jessica Sahabi says:

    So excited and happy for you! I’m going to receive mine in a few short hours and I can’t even wait! I wish so much I could come to one of the book signings. For sure next titime you’re in Los Angeles I will! :)

    1. Hi Jessica!! It’s scheduled for delivery TODAY?! I’m so excited! Some people seem to have had their books shipped out a couple of days ago and Amazon is shipping some out today. Tag me somewhere on social media when you receive it!!!

  4. Congratulations!! I wish I lived closer to one of your book tour stops so I could visit. Can’t wait to receive my copy in the mail this week! Hope you enjoy your tour!

  5. Congrats, Courtney!!!

  6. congratulations. I love your ideas and styling so i am sure the book is fabulous.

    1. Thank you so very much! I appreciate the sweet note! :)

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