Easy Cold Appetizers for Parties (Finger Foods, Dips, Skewers & More!)

If you’re looking for easy appetizers that are served cold (perfect for summer, when it’s hot as blazes outside), then you’ve found the list to bookmark! Delicious, easy cold appetizers and finger foods (plus cold dips, chilled hors d’oeuvres, etc) that are made with simple ingredients for your next party or get-together!

Cold Appetizers

As you know, if you’re a regular Pizzazzerie reader, that I created this site because I love sharing entertaining ideas and party recipes with all of you! My FAVORITE party recipe category is definitely appetizers! So I’m excited to share more appetizer content with y’all this year. First up are these cold appetizers! Stay tuned for even more appetizer ideas too…

I’ve broken the cold appetizer recipes list down by Cold Dips, Cold Finger Foods, Cold Skewers/”On-A-Stick” and more cold appetizers… so there is something for every occasion from backyard barbecues to baby showers…

Cold Appetizers: Finger Foods

Serve up these cold appetizer finger foods! In many cases these can also be served room temperature in addition to cold or chilled in temperature. You’ll see everything from crostini and small toasts to pinwheels and phyllo cups.

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears with Arugula

Cold appetizers don’t have to be boring! These prosciutto wrapped pears with arugula are absolutely delicious and make an easy-prep party food.

Appetizer Avocado Toasts

Bite-Size Avocado Toasts

A delicious cold appetizer option sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning and chopped nuts for crunch!

Cold Appetizer Idea of Bruschetta

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

A classic party appetizer that’s delicious served cold (or chilled) is bruschetta! You can prepare the tomato topping in advance and store in the refrigerator. Top the baguette slices when ready to serve!

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Delicious twist on the classic deviled egg, this Southern-inspired version is a delicious cold bite sized app!

a white tray of pesto pinwheels with sun-dried tomato pesto

Pesto Pinwheels with Sun Dried Tomatoes

A delicious and easy pinwheel recipe served cold!

Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas

Cranberry & Prosciutto Crostini

The perfect cold appetizer for the holidays, your guests will love this cranberry and prosciutto crostini!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Piquante Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a delicious appetizer and many are served cold making them a fabulous appetizer when it’s way too hot to turn on the oven!

Bourbon-Infused Cranberry & Goat-Cheese Bites

A classic phyllo cup appetizer with a holiday twist! This is a great cocktail party appetizer.

Mexican Tortilla Pinwheels

Pinwheels are ALWAYS a party hit! This Mexican-inspired pinwheel is made with cream cheese, roasted chilies, and bell peppers!

Stone Fruit Crostini

If you’re serving your cold appetizers during the summer, choose in season fruits like peaches for a delicious party crostini!


An Italian appetizer that’s served chilled on sliced baguette, if you’ve never given caponata a try, it’s delicious and a great twist if you want an alternative to bruschetta!

Spring Rolls

Serve up a vegan cold appetizer with these delicious spring rolls! They look absolutely beautiful on a party platter!

Artichoke Bruschetta Cold Appetizer

Easy Artichoke Bruschetta

Calling all artichoke lovers, this bruschetta is for you!

Cold Appetizers: Dips & Spreads

Dips are always a crowd-pleasing party appetizer. Serve them up on a pretty tray with lots of dippable items like veggies, chips, sliced toasts, crackers, etc. For cold dips, you can keep them in an iced dip bowl (<<great gift idea) to stay chilled! I’m also including cold hummus and cold salsas here in this category too…

Easy Veggie Dip

Easy Veggie Dip

A delicious easy veggie dip perfect for cut-up veggies, toasts, chips, etc! This is a GREAT appetizer if you like simple recipes. It’s super easy!

Goat cheese dip

Goat Cheese Dip

A delicious blend of seasonings and spices along with fresh goat cheese makes a creamy and crowd-pleasing recipe that’s… you got it… ideal to serve cold!

Cold Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Another cold dip that’s absolutely delicious and only ready in just 5 minutes!

Tomato and Mozzarella Dip

Cold Caprese Dip

Super easy and delish, this caprese dip is made of layered creamy, herbed cheese and fresh mozzarella and tomatoes!

Cold Greek Dip

Layered Greek Dip

Layered dips (like the classic 7-layer dip) are always a favorite and look absolutely beautiful in a clear bowl or serving dish!

Million Dollar Dip Recipe

Million Dollar Dip

Bacon, cheese, green onion, garlic… are you tempted yet? This might be THE perfect cold party dip!

Smoked Tuna Dip

Smoked Tuna Dip

A gulf coast favorite along the 30A area in Florida, you’ll find a variation of this smoked tuna dip on every restaurant’s appetizer menu. Make it at home, you will LOVE it!

French Onion Dip, Cold Party Appetizers

Homemade French Onion Dip

Say no to the jarred French onion dip and opt for this delicious, homemade version! Serve cold with your favorite chips!

Mango Salsa for a Party

Easy Mango Salsa

Salsa is ALWAYS a great cold appetizer idea. Prep it in advance and serve it alongside your favorite tortilla chips (and might I suggest this Frozen Mango Margarita too).

Cold Southwest Corn Dip

Corn dip is ALWAYS a party hit! Serve up this cold Southwest-inspired corn dip at your party!

Lemon Whipped Feta Dip

A citrus twist on a delicious cold dip, you’ll love this lemon whipped feta dip if you need a cold appetizer!

Avocado Taztiki Cold Appetizers

Avocado Tzatziki

Greek yogurt? Avocado? Garlic? YES, please! This tzatziki dip is creamy and delicious!

Cold Everything Bagel Dip

Everything Bagel Dip

Calling all fans of this fan-favorite seasoning, there is now a recipe for Everything Bagel Dip!!

Cold 7 Layer Dip

7 Layer Dip

ALWAYS a crowd-favorite, make this 7-Layer-Dip with or without meat! If all else fails, serve a 7-layer-dip!

Cold BLT Dip


The favorite sandwich is now a delicious cold party dip!

Cold Appetizer Hummus with Avocado

Avocado Hummus

Hummus is always a great solution if you’re looking for healthy cold appetizers!

Cold Appetizers: Cheese Balls & Cheese Logs

Classic Southern Pimento Cheese Ball

Pimento Cheese Ball

A classic southern combo, the cheese ball meets pimento cheese! If you want an easy cold appetizer that you can pull out when unexpected company arrives knocking, a cheese ball is the (delicious) answer!

Cheese Log

Apricot Almond & Goat Cheese Log

Kick up your next party with an easy goat cheese log topped with apricots and almonds! Prep in advance, serve cold from the refrigerator and enjoy!

Cold Appetizers to Serve, Cheese Ball

Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Ball

A delicious cheese ball for jalapeno & bacon lovers! You can never go wrong with a cheese ball, a delicious party appetizer recipe!

Goat Cheese Log

Pistachio Crusted Cheese Log

Just 6 ingredients are needed for this delicious cheese log!

Cold Appetizers On-a-Stick (Skewers)

Another delicious category of cold appetizers? Foods on a stick! Also known as skewers, we’re talking about delicious veggies, fruits and cheeses in tasty combos that guests can grab and go at your next party!

Party Appetizer on a Stick

Cucumber & Prosciutto Bites

A delicious (and Whole30 approved) cold appetizer of cucumber, prosciutto, and cherry tomatoes!

Melon Appetizers

Melon & Prosciutto Skewers

Melon is always a delicious idea for creating cold appetizers, and paired with prosciutto? A dynamite sweet and savory combo!

Vegetable Appetizer on Stick

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer

Smoked salmon is a fabulous cold appetizer idea and these cucumber bites are a perfect way to serve them!

Melon Skewers for Party

Cantaloupe Prosciutto Skewers

Another twist on the classic melon and prosciutto combination, these skewers are show-stoppers!

Antipasto Skewers

Antipasto Skewers

The perfect cold appetizer on a stick, these antipasto skewers are made with mozzarella, roasted peppers, salami and olives!

Watermelon Feta Skewers | Healthy Appetizer

Watermelon Feta Skewers

Fresh watermelon and feta are the perfect cold appetizer combo!

More Easy Cold Appetizers!

charcuterie in a cup

Charcuterie Cups

Also sometimes called “jarcuterie” cups because they can be served in a little jar or a small cup, these individual-portioned charcuteries are absolutely fabulous. They’re a wonderful way to serve miniature versions of cheese boards, all in one cute cup. One of my favorite cold appetizer ideas!

Lettuce Wraps, Cold Appetizer

Feta & Tomato Salad Cups

I love the idea of a miniature salad “cup” or lettuce wrap to serve as an appetizer. I have a similar idea in my book, The Southern Entertainer’s Cookbook!

Cold Appetizers for Parties

Stuffed Endive Appetizer

Stuffed endive looks oh so fancy yet takes only 15 minutes to make! And… you got it… served cold! This is the perfect light appetizer for a summer party!

Cold Appetizers for Parties

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

A twist on a classic cold appetizer – Shrimp Cocktail – this Mexican-inspired version adds tons of flavor!

Easy Cold Appetizers

Burrata Caprese

Burrata, an Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream, is a fabulous appetizer served cold (or at room temperature). Combine it with tomatoes? Perfect appetizer!

Summer Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Boards

Serve up a seasonal charcuterie or “grazing” board. Meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, nuts and more! In my opinion, this is one of the best appetizers because you can tailor it to seasonal produce and guests can pick their favorites.

The next time you need a cold appetizer for a cocktail party, birthday party, baby shower or summer party, check back to this list!

A few more appetizer ideas you will love!

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