Seaside Southern Wine and Appetizers Party

Seaside Southern Wine and Appetizer Party

This seaside southern wine and appetizer party post is brought to you by Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Pizzazzerie. Remember my seaside southern wine party I was planning last month? It went off without a hitch this past weekend and everyone loved the mini shrimp and grits appetizer! The guests really enjoyed trying the different Sonoma-Cutrer wines with the various party bites (of course I did … { read more }

Serve up mini spicy shrimp po' boys! Recipe is delicious!

Mini Spicy Shrimp Po’ Boys

I've been on a coastal kick lately, can you tell? Something about summer just has me thinking about the beach and seafood all the time. Since my husband and I don't actually have a beach trip planned this summer (I need to change that, clearly), I decided to make him a coastal treat to enjoy right here in Nashville. Behold these delicious mini spicy shrimp po' boys! He loves the fact that they're spicy and of course I love that they're "mini" - … { read more }

Time to Drink Champagne + Dance on the Table

The Happy List

Oh hey friends! I'm wrapping up another crazy chaotic week of two-babies-teething-at-the-same-time! Ok, so one baby is furry and has 4 legs but let me tell you, his teeth are fierce. The other baby is mastering walking and loving the warm weather. Meanwhile, if you're reading this than you're the first to know I'm doing a complete site makeover very soon. I've only done a few site makeovers since launching over 5 years ago (has it been that … { read more }

Tips for Fabulous Backyard Parties! Pin to remember!

7 Tips for Fabulous Backyard Parties!

Tips for Fabulous Backyard Parties Keep those flies away! Who wants flies around during their backyard party? No one. They're awful down here in Nashville, I can attest to that! Now, a super easy solution. Set out a few extra glasses of water, drop in a few pennies, and ta-da! Read more about this nifty little tip on Making Lemonade's blog! Watermelon is a must-have summer party treat, but it's also a big messy one! Create small mini … { read more }

Darling Sip 'n See celebration with lots of pretty pictures!

Party Feature // Pink Floral Sip ‘n See Celebration

I'm excited to feature a reader party, a sip 'n see actually. You may be asking yourself, "What is a Sip 'n See?" right about now! A Sip 'n See is a celebration often held for moms after the birth of their second (or third...etc) child. These moms usually have all the baby essentials so they're not in need of a traditional shower but all the family and friends still want to see the new little addition! So a celebration is hosted to "sip and see" … { read more }

mini shrimp and grits!

Wine Party Prep & Mini Shrimp + Grits Appetizer!

This post brought to you by Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Pizzazzerie. If you are a regular Pizzazzerie reader, you might remember me mentioning that I grew up as a child in Charleston, SC so I have a firmly rooted love for seaside celebrations and lowcountry cuisine. Charlestonians know how to party, southern style! So I'm tapping into that coastal style for a White Wine Party I'm planning! … { read more }