Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!

UPDATE: A few commenters were having trouble with the red velvet layer crumbling and not being able to support the heavy chocolate layers so I reworked that layer and the recipe below is updated. 

Alright guys. This recipe will have you in your stretchy leggings in no time flat, but it’s all worth it. They are a layer of red velvet brownies (I could stop here and be satisfied but what’s the fun in that) with an Oreo truffle layer (I know, the inside of Oreo truffles..) topped with chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Yes, Oreo truffle! As in, the filling in addictive Oreo truffles spread out across red velvet brownies. Sinful. Sultry. Perfect.

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie BarsDecadent, huh?

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies

Ok ok, one more until we get to the recipe and details.

Decadent red velvet oreo truffle brownie bars!

Now, if you’re against cake mixes then substitute this fully homemade version of red velvet brownies from Southern Living. Up to you! Cake mixes make my chaotic life easier so I used them there.

Here are the main items needed for these decadent little bars of heaven…full printable + save-able recipe at the end of the post!

How to make Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars


  • 1 Duncan Hines box Red Velvet cake mix
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 package Jell-O insant white chocolate pudding (3.3 ounces)
  • 6 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 package Oreos
  • 8 ounce package cream cheese
  • 1/2 package (1/2lb) chocolate bark (CandiQuick) (or about 1-1/2 cups chocolate chips)
  • mini chocolate chips for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Combine cake mix, melted butter, eggs, pudding mix, vegetable oil and mix well until thoroughly combined (2-3 minutes on medium of electric mixer).
  2. Spray a 9x13 with nonstick cooking spray. I like the baking variety that has flour in it. Then spread the red velvet brownie layer into the pan. It will be VERY thick, use the back of a spoon (or clean hands) to help spread it into all edges of the pan.
  3. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean (ovens vary so watch closely). Let cool completely before flipping out.
  4. Crush package of Oreos in a food processor (or in a large plastic bag and rolling pin).
  5. Melt cream cheese for 15 seconds in a microwave to soften.
  6. Stir together crushed Oreos and cream cheese until blended smooth.
  7. Carefully spread out Oreo truffle mixture on top of baked red velvet brownies. Use your hands to help press it down instead of spreading to avoid tearing the brownies.
  8. Melt chocolate candy bark (or chocolate chips) and pour over top Oreo truffle layer.
  9. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips while still warm.
  10. Let cool competely before cutting into squares.
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Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!


  1. 244
    Bluegirlinredstate says:

    I made this over the weekend for a monthly birthday celebration we have at work. It was one of 5 desserts that were available for our employees to choose from. It was the first one that disappeared! Everyone LOVED it. I made it exactly per the recipe with one change – I added a little salt to the melted chocolate chips. A friend and I have already been thinking of variations that we can make to this including using blonde oreos, white chocolate and blue candies for a patriotic version.

  2. 245

    If I am making the brownies from scratch, do I still need to add the eggs, butter, vegetable oil and pudding mix? Or do I leave all those out?

  3. 246

    Just finished making these for the staff at school for a Valentine’s treat. Hope that it’s a hit. Not within my weight watchers points so I’ll be skipping, but enjoyed making them nonetheless. =)

  4. 247

    I made these for Valentine’s Day today… OH MY GOODNESS. I’m normally not a fan of red velvet at all but these are one of the best dessert’s I’ve ever made. It couldn’t have been easier and couldn’t have been tastier! I could not find white chocolate pudding mix so I used vanilla which is just fine. I also used 1/3 fat cream cheese and that too went excellently! Thank you for sharing this

  5. 248

    Made these for my Valentine this year, and we both loved it!

    I posted a picture of it on my blog, linking the recipe back to your blog!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  6. 249

    Made two batches of this for the Choir kids and my friends. Even though the brownie layer crumbled i just smushed it back together and continued. It was a HIT!!!!! seriously made everyones Valentine’s Day better! Will be using this again!!!! XD

  7. 250

    Surprised my boyfriend with this treat when he came home from work. They were amazing. Had a little bit of a difficult time with the oreos since I didn’t have a food processor or a rolling pin. So I just put the oreos in a plastic baggy and crushed them with my hands and dumped them into a mixing bowl and used a spoon (and my clean hands) to crush it more. Still tasted fantastic even though the Oeros were a little thicker. This is a great recipe!

    • 251

      You can use a meat mallet if you have one. That’s what I use and do one row of oreos at a time in a gallon freezer bag.

  8. 252

    I made these for St Patricsk’s day. I substituted a white cake mix for the red velvet and added 2 T of green food coloring. A huge hit at the bake sale

  9. 253

    In the ingredients there is white chocolate pudding but in the instructions there is no mention of it. where is this pudding used? added? can it be omitted?
    thank you

  10. 255

    Did you use salted or unsalted butter?

  11. 258
    Charlotte Forcer says:

    This looks great! I’m making some for a cake sale at my daughter’s school. I couldn’t find jell-o here in the UK (i could buy it off eBay but it would be too pricey!) so I’m using a thing called Angels Delight which hopefully is similar. I’m a bit worried about the taste as I could only find caramel but we’ll see how it turns out. In any case this looks very nice and is rather easy to make. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    • 259
      Charlotte Forcer says:

      Just to confirm for anyone in the UK trying this recipe: Angels Delight works a treat! I used 2 sachets. It sold out in no time at the school cake sale today so thank you very much for the recipe!

  12. 260

    I am gonna try making these this weekend but am concerned cutting them once the chocolate is hard. Is there a trick? Just seems like the hardened chocolate layer will break apart when I cut them.
    Thanks for any feedback

    • 261

      Sherri – The oreo truffle layer doesn’t get hard (it’s like the thick inside of a truffle) and the chocolate fudge on top doesn’t get hard at all.

  13. 262

    Could not find white chocolate in 3.3 oz …..When I got the pudding mix they only had white chocolate – sugar free in a 1 oz box…. Do I have to use 3 of those then?


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