Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!

UPDATE: A few commenters were having trouble with the red velvet layer crumbling and not being able to support the heavy chocolate layers so I reworked that layer and the recipe below is updated. 

Alright guys. This recipe will have you in your stretchy leggings in no time flat, but it’s all worth it. They are a layer of red velvet brownies (I could stop here and be satisfied but what’s the fun in that) with an Oreo truffle layer (I know, the inside of Oreo truffles..) topped with chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Yes, Oreo truffle! As in, the filling in addictive Oreo truffles spread out across red velvet brownies. Sinful. Sultry. Perfect.

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie BarsDecadent, huh?

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies

Ok ok, one more until we get to the recipe and details.

Decadent red velvet oreo truffle brownie bars!

Now, if you’re against cake mixes then substitute this fully homemade version of red velvet brownies from Southern Living. Up to you! Cake mixes make my chaotic life easier so I used them there.

Here are the main items needed for these decadent little bars of heaven…full printable + save-able recipe at the end of the post!

How to make Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars


  • 1 Duncan Hines box Red Velvet cake mix
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 package Jell-O insant white chocolate pudding (3.3 ounces)
  • 6 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 package Oreos
  • 8 ounce package cream cheese
  • 1/2 package (1/2lb) chocolate bark (CandiQuick) (or about 1-1/2 cups chocolate chips)
  • mini chocolate chips for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Combine cake mix, melted butter, eggs, pudding mix, vegetable oil and mix well until thoroughly combined (2-3 minutes on medium of electric mixer).
  2. Spray a 9x13 with nonstick cooking spray. I like the baking variety that has flour in it. Then spread the red velvet brownie layer into the pan. It will be VERY thick, use the back of a spoon (or clean hands) to help spread it into all edges of the pan.
  3. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean (ovens vary so watch closely). Let cool completely before flipping out.
  4. Crush package of Oreos in a food processor (or in a large plastic bag and rolling pin).
  5. Melt cream cheese for 15 seconds in a microwave to soften.
  6. Stir together crushed Oreos and cream cheese until blended smooth.
  7. Carefully spread out Oreo truffle mixture on top of baked red velvet brownies. Use your hands to help press it down instead of spreading to avoid tearing the brownies.
  8. Melt chocolate candy bark (or chocolate chips) and pour over top Oreo truffle layer.
  9. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips while still warm.
  10. Let cool competely before cutting into squares.
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Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars!


  1. 35

    They came out great!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing

    • 36

      Yay Jennifer! Love to hear this!

    • 41

      I made them and was very disappointed. The cake that was suppose to be like a brownie turned out to be very powdery and did not hold its form when i cut it. I used the duncan brand and think maybe i should have tried it from scratch.

      • 42

        mine was also very powdery and didn’t hold its form. I may try it again making the cake from scratch.

        • 43

          Hi Becky –
          I’m so sorry you had trouble! I wish I could figure out why – but I really have no idea. It might have had something to do with oven temperature varying, butter used, amount of time it was beaten, etc. I hope making it from scratch works well. I also think it would taste great on a regular red velvet cake (as opposed to a more brownie-like texture).

      • 44
        Natalie Le says:

        My brownie layer crumbled as well! I was very disappointed in the out come.

        • 45

          Hi Natalie, I’m very very sorry you had trouble! I wish I knew exactly what caused it. It’s hard to know on my end since I have done it multiple times with the same outcome. It could have to do with your oven temp, butter used, how long it was beaten, etc but it’s hard for me to pinpoint it. I apologize!

      • 46

        Hi Pappies. I’m so sorry you had trouble! I wish I could figure out why – but I really have no idea. It might have had something to do with oven temperature varying, butter used, amount of time it was beaten, etc. I hope a scratch recipe will work for you!

  2. 47

    hrm.. my step daughter just brought this recipe to my attention.. we will so be trying it, though making some serious substitutions to make it gluten free, which will most likely result in it not being quite so “red”, but… :) will see.. will have to go get a package of gf sandwich cookies and decide which cake recipe to use… but i’ve got a wee bit of time…

  3. 48

    Just a question… the red velvet cake should be cooled prior to putting on the oreo truffle layer, correct??

    • 49

      Yes Veronica! I let it cool and then flipped it out onto a dish. Then I used the back of a spoon (and fingers) to help press the Oreo truffle layer down.

  4. 50

    Tasted great but the brownie bottom did not hold its form and falls apart. Wondering why it was so dry or if I should have allowed it to cool longer before adding the oreo mixture?!?

    • 51

      Hi Lori! Hmmm… I’m not 100% sure without being there with you. I will make them again this week to test it all and see if I can come up with the reason why some people are having trouble.

  5. 52

    These look wonderful! How many servings does this recipe yield?

  6. 54

    Woow. It looks amazing and it pefectly fits in with my plans because as a Valentine’s gift for my girlfriend I’ve made a private booking for one of the courses organized by Zac’s cooking school here in Vancouver – cooking classes for couples and your red velvet brownies will most certainly be among the first recipes we’ll try together. :)

    • 55

      Hi Jeremey! Great, I love hearing that! Some people have had some trouble with the red velvet layer not being dense enough for the top 2 layers so I’m reworking the recipe tonight so check back soon for an updated version :)

  7. 56

    Hi! I made these last night and they turned out amazing. I was concerned after reading the comments. However, after letting them sit overnight in the refrigerator they came out perfect, even after bringing them to room temperature.

    I brought a batch to work today for my students and some of the other teachers and they couldn’t stop raving about them. Aside from putting them in the refrigerator overnight, the only other thing I can think of that I did differently was that I gently pressed down on the brownie layer about 15 minutes after it was done baking to help condense it a bit more.

    • 57

      Hi Heather! You just made my day :) I am still going to keep testing to try to “dense” it up so it can hold the layers. And I might try using half the amount of melted chocolate on top so it makes it less top-heavy. But THANK YOU! Seriously, I spent 2 hours last night fooling with this recipe to try to find out why people are having problems and though I’m still going to keep working on it, you made me very happy :)

      • 58

        Courtney – I’ve made them twice more using your original recipe and they still turned out great! My coworkers and family keep requesting them.

        One thing I tried with this last batch that worked really well is to roll the oreo and cream cheese mixture between wax paper until it is 9 x 13 and then flip it right on top of the brownies. It made a nice smooth layer and ended up saving time trying to spread the layer out over the brownies.

  8. 60

    I was wondring if the size of cake mix is causing problems for some. I am in the process of making them right now, and I am using a 12-serving size cake mix. Is this the right size or should it be 24 serving-size?

    • 61

      Hi Kerri! Hmm… I used the regular sized box but both mine are at the bottom of my trash can from testing last night so when I go to the grocery, I’ll find out what the official “ounces” on the box is! Great question though!

  9. 62

    Did “Pouring” in the brownie batter become “shake the sticky thick slime out of the bowl” for anybody else??

    • 63

      KT, as you saw at the top of this post – I’m trying to rework it as some are having trouble. It’s hard to know exactly when I’m not there but trying my best to help – so stay tuned!

  10. 64

    I was thinking of using instant pudding mix to make the cake moist and also dense. Just a thought also no water in the cake.

  11. 66

    Hi there! I’m very excited to make this dish. Do you use the whole Oreo including the filling or just the cookies to crush?

  12. 68

    For the: 1 package white chocolate pudding mix step…
    What brand did you use? And what size?

    I was thinking on using this, but I wasn’t sure it was enough/too much!

  13. 70

    Hi the pudding mix is it the sugar free one? Because I can’t find the white chocolate! Only villiana! One my more thing my red red velvet has the pudding in it so do I still add the pudding?


  14. 72

    Do these need to be refrigerated since the cream cheese is not baked? I want to make them and send them in a care package, but I’m not sure if they should be refrigerated. Thanks so much!

    • 73

      Hi Debbie – another commenter left the same question. I have not made them and needed to refrigerate them (they never last that long!) but if you’re making them in advance,the other reader refrigerated them and then let them sit out a bit before cutting them. OR pre-cut and then let them come to room temperature a bit before serving so they’re not cold and hard. Others even said they’re great warmed in the microwave.

  15. 74

    Could I use a disposable tin dish? Sorry, I don’t know the exact name.

    • 75

      For baking them in? You can use whatever you’d like – just be sure you’ve sprayed it down so the red velvet brownies don’t stick. Be sure to let it cool completely before flipping it over to remove.

  16. 76

    I am going to try to make this for my boyfriend and my room mate for Valentines day, I really hope it works out, these look delicious!

  17. 77

    i made these twice this week and they crumbled both time thinking i made them wrong the first time .The brownie layer was more like cake. When i went to cut them, the red velvet layer crumbled from the chocolate layer. And today i see you have changed the recipe a bit. Now i will try it again sometime, because they are pretty

  18. 81

    Would this recipe work if you made them into cupcakes

  19. 83

    I saw this on Pinterest and had to try them out myself.
    I posted step by step pictures to my Facebook page, The end result — FABULOUS.

    I did add a couple things to my version (a little milk and vanilla) and used white chocolate instead of the chocolate candy coating. I sprinkled the tops with mini chocolate chips, too! They are amazing! Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe with us!

  20. 84

    I just made these and LOVE them. I melted chocolate chips and found that it works better to use 2 cups of them rather than a cup and a half.


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