Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Tips and inspiration for creating a Blue and White Christmas Tree with lots of Chinoiserie touches!

Blue and White Christmas Tree

I have always been drawn to gorgeous blue and white and Chinoiserie influence. As a little girl, I used to find broken pieces of old blue and white porcelain in the backyard of our downtown Charleston home. Perhaps that’s where my love for it began, ha!

I have many blue and white touches throughout my home, including this Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree during the holidays!

Christmas is traditionally all about the red and green, which I fully support, but in my dining room, I love the traditional elegance of blue and white.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

I’ve received lots of questions from “Where did you find the blue and white ornaments?” to “How did you stabilize your tree in the planter?” so I’m here to answer them all!

My Favorite Blue and White Chinoiserie Ornaments

I have found many of these ornaments in little boutiques and shops across the south (Hot Pink in Brentwood, TN and The Historic Charleston Store to name a few).

I’ve included a list below of as many available online as I can find. Stock will change, so some may sell out, blue and white ornaments go fast!

  • Bauble Stockings (the blue and white needlepoint stockings shown on my tree) – many of these are Limited Edition or sell out quickly, but many similar blue and white designs can be found!
Blue and White Christmas Ornaments
  • Ballard Designs has gorgeous blue and white Chinoiserie ornaments. I have several sets of these on my tree.
  • Etsy has tons of amazing handmade ornaments. I especially love these Blue & White Oyster Shell Ornaments and these decoupaged blue and white sand dollars.
  • I also like to add small photo frames of my daughters. I chose silver frames (from Michaels) and added them in with thin blue ribbon.

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Blue and White Christmas Tree

You can fill in your ornament collection with simple snowflakes, crystal icicles, or silver frame ornaments tied on with blue ribbon. This will help make your tree feel fuller while you work on growing your ornament collection!

Blue and White Tree in Planter

How to Secure Your Tree in the Planter or Pot

Selecting Your Planter: I used the large 21″ Blue Ming Ceramic Planter from Frontgate as my base. It’s handpainted and absolutely stunning in person. They also sell a smaller 16″ size that would be just as pretty.

Blue and White Planter with Christmas Tree

As for securing it, the process will differ a bit based on the size of your planter, but here’s what I did.

  1. My tree is a 7.5′ tree (just a basic one I grabbed at Lowes, nothing fancy). I swapped the stand it came with for my daughter’s 4.5′ foot tree’s stand. Her tree was a different brand, but it worked perfectly.
  2. I placed my tree (in the small stand) down inside my planter.
  3. I bought a large bag of pebbles from Home Depot and separated them out into a few large gallon-sized plastic bags.
  4. I placed the plastic bags of pebbles around the stand (that’s sitting inside the planter). This helped brace the stand down and support it.
  5. I’m sure if I’m grabbed the trunk and really started pulling it, it might start to lean quite a bit, but thankfully the kids and dogs have left it alone, and it feels very secure. :)

I’m sorry the photo below isn’t very helpful, I wish I had taken photos before I decorated the tree. However, I hope you can see the plastic bags of pebbles tucked down in there.

How to Put Christmas Tree in Pot

If you don’t have a large enough planter to hold a small stand, stick the base of the tree down in floral foam or styrofoam and set that down inside the planter. Then use the same pebble/gravel trick to support it.

You can’t see my handywork from afar, but if you can see down inside the planter, just lay some moss or extra greenery sprigs (even magnolia leaves would be pretty) down on top of the inside of the planter to hide any supports underneath.

Ta-da! All done!

Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

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  1. Rinne Sade says:

    Oh how I wish i could see this creation of yours, Courtney, in REAL LIFE ! It is stunningly gorgeous. You have made a masterpiece this year. Congratulations!

    1. Courtney Whitmore says:

      Thank you, Rinne!!!

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