6th Annual Gingerbread House Tea Party

This past weekend, we hosted our 6th annual Gingerbread House Tea Party! It was full of gingerbread houses, twinkling lights, candy canes, gum drops and lots of Christmas magic!

We kick off the Christmas season with this tradition, one my mom began when I was a little girl, hosting mother/daughter gingerbread house tea parties each December! It’s our FAVORITE day of the year!

Gingerbread House Tea Party

We’ve continued the tradition with my daughter (joined by my youngest this year – she took her FIRST steps at the party!) every year since she was two. Come along and take a look at this year’s Gingerbread House Tea Party!

Gingerbread House Decorating Party
Gingerbread House Party Invitation


The fun begins when our little party-goers receive their tea party invitation. I always love to find unique gingerbread house party invites, and I love these invites from PaperBuilt. We used these die-cut style invites a few years ago, but this year, we customized a new house design that I love!

Find more of our favorite links to invitations, gingerbread house tools, party decor, etc here in our Gingerbread House Resources!

Front Door Nutcrackers

Pink Nutcracker Greeters

This year, we greeted our guests with these precious pink nutcrackers on each side of the entrance! At 4 feet tall, they make the perfect special party greeters to the Gingerbread House party!

Find them here (we did paint the green triangle on the body white). And we added the candy cane and red bow.

4 Foot Nutcrackers

More details on the gingerbread Christmas tree below, it’s one of my favorites!

Want to see all our gingerbread house content?

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Our Gingerbread House Christmas tree sits right inside the foyer, more details on it below!

Candy Christmas Tree

The Gingerbread House Tea Party Table

If you’ve seen our parties over the past few years, you recognize many elements. I love the softness of the pale pink with pops of red – and lots of holiday bows!

My daughter loves to help set up the party, she looks forward to this day all year long!

Christmas Party for Kids


This is the exact tablecloth here that we used. I ADORE the pink and white check, and I think it’s such a classic print. We used two of them (hemmed) on the children’s tables.

Tables & Chairs

For the little tables, I love the play tables from Pottery Barn Kids. I actually shoot most of my recipe photos on one that I leave in my office. I let Blakely have another as a “play table”. 

For the chairs, I originally bought several from Chiavari Chair Co., but I found these almost exactly same ones on Amazon. They’re an investment, but we use them every year for so many occasions. It looks like they might not be on Amazon Prime now, but check back!

Christmas Tea Party

As you can see, my youngest took right to the fun!

Girls Christmas Party

Gingerbread Party Table Details

Each place setting has a big graham cracker style gingerbread house that we pre-make before the party. This allows the girls to get right to the fun part – decorating their gingerbread houses!

We make the houses, and you can too! Our full tutorial for making these gingerbread houses is here! More details on the houses below.

Gingerbread House Party Table

A big bow on top of each house is our signature style, and we love to change up the ribbon annually. This year, we went with a red and white peppermint stripe ribbon. It came from Hobby Lobby (so did the light pink and white gingham ribbon on the big house).

We placed the houses on pale pink Caspari paper plates and luckily, we had a set of the darling gingerbread house napkins from Design Design still left. We desperately wish they’d still make them, but I’ll share if I find similar!

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

Down the center of the table, I have lots of Christmas decor like our collection of pink nutcrackers, red ribbon Christmas trees, pink bottle brush trees, twinkle lights, etc! Here are a few links if you’re looking for similar items..

We always have several floral arrangements of simple red and light pink roses. They’re typically easy to find and coordinate perfectly with the party colors.

Gingerbread House Party Table

Each little girl had a silver tea cup (passed down from my mom) for our Christmas fruit tea, a precious gingerbread house cookie (made locally by Morgan of The Sugary Cookie) and lots of little bowls and paper cups filled to the brim with sweet candies for decorating!

Gingerbread House Sugar Cookie
Gingerbread House Party

We loved the sweet gingerbread house place cards! Thank you to Ashlea along with the help of Drew B. Doodles for these darling additions!

Tip: Double your place cards and use the extra set to stick onto tray-style boxes that the girls can place their houses in to carry home! We find these boxes/trays at Hobby Lobby every holiday. They have open handles so they’re easy to carry.

Christmas Gingerbread House Decorating Party
Christmas Gingerbread House Decorating Party Ideas
Pink and Red Christmas
Christmas Party Little Girls Dresses
Gingerbread House with Sprinkles

On the back of each chair, we always like to add a little something fun along with a big red bow! This year, we found these adorable pink and red peppermint lollipop ornaments from At Home.

They made the perfect “sweet” addition to the chairs!

Pink Christmas Tea Party with Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread House Centerpiece

Gingerbread House Christmas Tree

We added this sweet gingerbread house Christmas tree a few years ago, and we have continued to embellish it each year. It’s our FAVORITE decoration at the party!

We made the miniature gingerbread houses hanging from the tree (find our tutorial for making mini gingerbread houses here).

Then we added on lots of jumbo marshmallows and gum drops. We also use a lot of the candy ornaments from Hobby Lobby (like the lollipops and peppermints).

Finally, tinsel gives it some sparkle for the perfect finishing touch! This is a very easy tree idea to recreate. It would be precious in a child’s room, playroom, kitchen, etc.

Gingerbread House Christmas Tree
Miniature Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Houses on Christmas Tree
Christmas Gingerbread House Party for Kids
Christmas Party for Kids Decorating Gingerbread Houses
Christmas Gingerbread Houses Party
Mini Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Candy
Kids Decorating Gingerbread Houses
Tiny Gingerbread Houses

Decorating the Gingerbread Houses!

I share a FULL CANDY LIST in our gingerbread house video post! I also have a few of my favorite candy finds in my Amazon list here!

There you’ll also find links to the cute pink and white striped marshmallows and pink shimmer gum-balls that we have every year!

I recommend getting a variety of candies in different sizes and colors. Also grab a few bags of mini marshmallows, these are really fun on the houses.

Royal Icing on Gingerbread House

We always do a few signature touches like sprinkles on the roofs of the houses and a big bow on top!

We also like to hand out additional little bows, decorative wreaths, etc (mostly from craft stores like Hobby Lobby) for the kids to use to embellish their houses.

Decorating Gingerbread Houses with Kids
Kids Decorating Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread House Decorating Party
Fancy Christmas Party for Kids

As the girls (and moms!) enjoy decorating their gingerbread houses, we also have a full treat and drink table in the dining room full of a few of our favorite goodies.

Christmas Treats and Food Table

Cheers to a fabulous Gingerbread House Tea Party!

Little Girl Drinking tea

If you have ANY questions, please let me know! I hope you’re inspired to throw your own Gingerbread House Tea Party!

Earlier this year, I published an article on Gingerbread House Parties by Color Scheme with ideas for boy parties and gender-neutral parties too!

Thank you to Evin Photography for your help with photos!

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  1. Rinne Sade says:

    Oh my golly. What fortunate friends yall have !!!! This is unbelievably magical…. What a special gift to all of those lucky little girls!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING, COURTNEY, with a little help from my dear girlfriend, your mom ! rinne

  2. Hi Courtney! Thank you so much for being so generous with all of the info for your amazing gingerbread parties! I have been reading all the posts taking notes! :) haha. I have one question – I have been trying to decide between having this party on a Saturday morning or a Sunday late afternoon? Do y’all do your party on a certain day/time each year? I was thinking of the first weekend in December but cannot decide when is the best time! I know this time of year is so busy so trying to think strategically on what makes the most sense for 3 year old girls! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Tiffany! We always do our parties the first weekend of the year, on a Sunday afternoon. That’s just personal preference because Saturday morning would also work, we just found it interfered with ballet classes, stuff like that for us.

      1. Ok good to know – thank you Courtney!

  3. Hey Courtney, this is absolutely 💯 beautiful! Can you please tell me where you got your gingham pink and white table cover from? It’s adorable.

  4. Sarina Chapman says:

    Hello! I adore your pink with pops of red color scheme.
    I was wondering how you made the mini gingerbread houses into ornaments? How do they hang on the tree?
    Thanks so much! Absolutely beautiful and precious party!

  5. Mel Dawley says:

    Hi! Love your amazing work. Please tell me what you used for the “tea” for the girls. Thank you!

    1. We usually make a holiday spiced punch with apple cider, orange juice, a bit of pineapple juice, cinnamon sticks and serve it warm :)

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